Terms of Service


Digital Character Art piece, with default transparent background version always provided

Size (by height): bust: 1000px | half: 2000px | knee: 3000px | full: 4000px
Commission pieces for personal use only

- Monday through Friday I will only be available after 6:30 PM PST or later

I have a full time job outside of this so I appreciate patience <3
- Saturdays + Sundays I will usually be available throughout the day, but not always;

in any case, I will always try to reply within 24 hrs (feel free to message again if I haven't)
- Check my top Updates post to see life updates/if I'm off for vacation/break~


Will Draw:
- Any character with a visual reference of their design provided
- Humans are my strong suit, but am willing to draw other types of characters (but request at your on risk in regards to the quality)

Will Not Draw:
- Characters without visual references/characters with only a description
- Morally bad stuff (ie. racist, sexist, etc subjects) + extremely explicit/fetishistic depictions of sex and violence
- Overly complicated backgrounds, especially for the refined option (ie. an entire cityscape with many buildings in detail, highly detailed/non-generic buildings, etc); my style of backgrounds is just to support the context the character art is in, not to be the focal point

Additional Note
I have the rights to use your commission piece to advertise for my commissions. If used, I will try to just use a portion of the piece in low resolution, and not repost in full.