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Thank you for commissioning!

Will put you in the queue + send you a quote via email ASAP :)

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Why commission through ArtistsnClients?

- The benefits of commissioning through ArtistsnClients is that the website has a built-in watermarked-until-marked-completed system that protects both artists and customers. So if you're a newcomer or just want to always have this sort of safety net in general, this is an option you can use :)

- However, the website does take a significant percentage from my end for its services, so it's not my personal recommendation lol xP If you do want to use the website for transaction, I appreciate leaving a good review for me at least to compensate for that haha xD

- All Refined Art will have a required portion paid through paypal, tho the first portion can be paid through AnC

Why commission through Paypal?

- The benefits of commissioning through paypal is that you can immediately get unwatermarked images without the hassle of me bugging you to complete the job at the end lol + and it makes me happy in general lmao (bc I get full pay xP)

- I will allow divided payment for paypal option; so basically when you pay the first portion, I will give you all the way up to the base colors pass, and then when you pay the second portion I will give you the final piece. Refined Art already goes by this system (tho if you want to divide up payment 3-4x with Refined Art, I will allow that if paid full via paypal only)

- I can communicate/work in both email transaction and through AnC even with the paypal payment (so you can still sign up for a slot in AnC but just pay through paypal, and I will just give you the unwatermarked passes through there)

- If I seem unresponsive after 24 hrs, feel free to directly message me at (just need the same information provided in the form)

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